Under the shadow of the northern hills of Joshua Tree National Park, nestled amidst the benign palm trees of the Oasis of Mara, proprietress Gretchen Grunt has set up a multi-purpose gallery, shop, studio complex, showroom, and best of all, classroom, for the art-minded {adventurer}."

-Mark Hornish,

LA Deserts Travel Examiner

Art Classes

Inspiring selection of art classes for the whole family...

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In collaboration with the 29 Palms Inn:  "The Creative Center is founded on the premise that the creative spirit is an integral part of our spiritual and social paths in life. A loving and non-judgmental art studio environment is one of our primary goals.”

"My kids have spent a lot of time here and love the experience. There's something about the appeal of the desert that attracts artists and deep thinkers. The existential space between nothing and everything contains the shadows of Joshua trees by moonlight. Our art asks us to reflect on the deeper hidden meaning behind simple ideas,..."

-Lonny Hanlon, Go With Flo