Curbside Pickup!  Art Kits to help us stay creative in the comfort of our homes...


Pottery Painting Art Kits

are now available to order online.  

Choose from a large selection of  

pottery: cookie jars, cups, bowls,

plates, wall hangings, platters,

crosses and figurines galore!

Starting price is just $17, plus tax.

KIT INCLUDES Ceramic glazes

specially made for painting your

pottery, paint brushes and tools.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO   Click Here to Watch 

FINISHED PAINTING Return your painted pottery to be fired in the kiln at 2,000 degrees, making your colors dazzle and shine!

PICKUP Allow up to 1 week to be notified when your pottery is complete and ready for curbside pickup in the magical treasure chest.

POTTERY SELECTION Click Here to order now


Latest Newsletter: September 7, 2020

Clay Creature Art Kits  

Play with clay all day while you stay home...

KIT INCLUDES Five pounds of white clay, glazes for painting, paint brushes and tools.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO #1               

Make pinch pots and a big bowl


INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO #2               

Make stamp mug and start clay creature

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO #3              

Finish clay creature and

how to paint unfired clay

FINISHED ART Return your clay creations carefully to be fired in the kiln, making the clay vitrify and your glazes turn into glass.

PICKUP Allow up to 2 weeks to be notified when your pottery is complete and ready for curbside pickup.



Attention Homeschoolers 

Call/ Text 760-361-3461 to place your order to request the correct cost for your PO.

Under the shadow of the northern hills of Joshua Tree National Park, nestled amidst the benign palm trees of the Oasis of Mara, proprietress Gretchen Grunt has set up a multi-purpose gallery, shop, studio complex, showroom, and best of all, classroom, for the art-minded {adventurer}."

-Mark Hornish,

LA Deserts Travel Examiner

Art by Appointment

Choose from an inspiring selection of art classes for the whole family. Taught by your enthusiastic instructor Gretchen Grunt, in Covid compliant art studios...

In collaboration with the 29 Palms Inn:  "The Creative Center is founded on the premise that the creative spirit is an integral part of our spiritual and social paths in life. A loving and non-judgmental art studio environment is one of our primary goals.”

Only limitation is your imagination, so keep your head in the clouds like Albert Einstein!  "Art Makes You Smart!"

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