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Clay Club

Our clay club adults looking to build a community of kind,

compassionate folks who love to be in a creative space together

creating for the greater good!!


Clay Club Pre-requisites

Clay Club is for Adults who have graduated by completing the pre-requisite courses:

1st Class: Throw 2 forms on the pottery wheel & glaze the greenware w/ underglazes.

2nd Class: Throw 2 forms on the pottery wheel and learn basic hand building techniques.

3rd Class: Learn about specialty glazes on the forms made in the previous class which have been bisque fired (bisque ware).

4th Class: Your final is to master centering on the pottery wheel.

!!!Graduate into the Clay Club!!!

Let Gretchen know how your experience can be improved, and enjoy your creative freedom

to explore and take risks :)

Thank you for joining a

thriving community of dynamic artists!

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